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Uplifting the Multi-functional Roles of the Rice Terraces (Part 1)

Throughout its 3,000 of history, the multifunctional roles of the rice terraces in Cordillera in establishing a reliable livelihood and quality human survival in Northern Luzon is slowly being acknowledged.

Before it’s too late, such realization must spur prioritization of development policies and programs to benefit highland communities, the stewards of this national treasure. These communities, based on government reckoning, are among the most marginalized and malnutrition stricken communities in the country today.

An engineering masterpiece of integrated terraces carved into steep mountainsides, these scenic structures that once stretched from Cagayan Province on the northeastern part of the Cordillera to as far as Quezon Province magnifies the strategic role of this mountainous and centrally situated region as the watershed cradle of Northern Luzon for centuries.


Uplifting the Multi-functional Roles of the Rice Terraces

Is there a future waiting for the Philippine Rice Terraces in the Cordillera?

Given the continuous deterioration of this world heritage site, the question is something we may well ask. What good future, for instance, is envisioned for the rice terraces and how can it come true?

In the past two decades, economic development projects designed to contribute towards the thrust of “saving the rice terraces” were implemented. However, few of these succeeded. The implementation of tourism-related projects and retraining for new skills in farming, and the introduction of high-value commercial fruits and vegetables and high yielding rice varieties only showed that these, after all, were not the solutions to keep the rice terraces beautiful now and in the years to come.



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