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Lambanog Now Comes in Fruit-Flavored Blends

A wine producer in Candelaria, Quezon has come up with premium quality fruit flavored lambanog to enhance the local wine’s market potential here and abroad.

Dory’s Distillery, Inc. takes pride in its newest creations called “Lambalites.” These fruity lambanog that look like imported fruit juices at first glance contain 22 percent alcohol and come in strawberry, blackberry, melon, and bubblegum flavors.

Contained in attractive bottles designed by Design Center of the Philippines, these fermented saps of unopened coconut flowers have attracted local and foreign drinkers of alcoholic beverages. The distillery’s earlier products Organic Lamba (45 percent alcohol). Vicente Uno (45 percent alcohol), LambaJack (40 percent alcohol), Varique raisin flavor (40 percent alcohol) have also won the interests of drinkers.


Standardizing the Lambanog Production

The Philippine National Standard(PNS) for the production of lambanog(distilled fermented coconut sap) is being drafted to produce clean, high quality, marketable, and exportable product.

The PNS would state the general requirements for production, essential composition and quality factors, packaging, hygiene, and labeling system. The draft is based on the guide manual for lambanog processing, which the Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) of the Department of Science and Technology developed to ensure product quality and safety.

Actually, the guide manual for lambanog processing was ITDI’s contribution to the Lambanog Task Force. This was formed by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions of the Department of Trade and Industry to address reports on substandard lamhanog processing and deaths attributed to drinking low-quality lambanog.



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