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Second Edition of Rise With Rice Out

The second edition of the book Rise with Rice written by this writer and published by PhilRice is now off the press. It was launched on November 5, 2007 during the 22nd anniversary celebration of PhilRice.

Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap was expected to grace the book launching ceremony but did not make it due to typhoon Kabayan. A copy of the book was presented to him the next day when he dropped by at PhilRice after testing the performance of the PhilRice-developed mini-combine rice harvester and after turning over flatbed rice dryers with rice hull-fed furnace to the rice clusters in Mabini, Sto. Domingo and Maragol, Munoz, Nueva Ecija.

The second edition is thicker than the first edition. The second book has 366 pages and consists of 58 stories on the successes of inbred and hybrid rice farmers as well as post production processors with full color photos.

“Rise with Rice is a book that provides inspiration to people involved in rice farming who, despite difficulties, succeeded,” said PhilRice Executive Director Dr. Leocadio S. Sebastian in the foreword. “It also motivates our researchers, development workers, and extensionists on the impact of their contributions towards increasing farm productivity. As inspiration or motivation, it gives us hope that increasing farm productivity and income is not an impossible dream and that self-sufficiency is not just an elusive dream.”

The book shows that successful farmers are high-risk takers, daring, innovative, persistent like a weed, patient, willing to learn and most of all, hardworking. They can afford to sacrifice for the prospects of higher yields and more income. They are the farmers who continue to change some of their farming practices as they learn new technologies in seminars, workshops, and training programs, believing that those changes would hike their yields and income.

Rise with Rice is a product of this writer’s travels and interviews with farmers from Cagayan Valley to Mindanao since 2004.

Aspiring agricultural journalists and colleges offering Development Communication should have a copy or two. Orders may be sent to the Development Communication Division, PhilRice; Science City of Mufloz, Nueva Ecija.