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Pangasinan Farmers’ Corn Yields Increase with Their Latest Hybrid Variety (Part 2)

It is the higher yield of Bioseed 9909 that attracts farmers to plant it. For instance, from the same one-fourth hectare that Eddie Castilliero planted to Bioseed 9909 this year, he got only 26 cavans from another hybrid variety last year. He sold his harvest for only P14,000.

The variety that he had been planting for the last three years was easily affected by drought. “If it was not irrigated in 15 days, the plants already started to wilt. On the other hand, Bioseed 9909 is resistant to drought,” he said.

With Bioseed 9909, he got 2,287.5 kilograms of newly shelled grains, which he sold at P8 a kilo. Even with this low price, lie still obtained a net income of no less than P10,000 from one-fourth hectare. This means that his income was equivalent to P40,000 per hectare.

Eddie said he fertilized his crop with 0.5 bag complete and 1.25 bags urea at 15 days after planting and applied the same amount before flowering.

Although Edwin also planted Bioseed 9909 only this year, he said this variety is a lot better than the varieties he was planting in the past. Compared to the 65 cavans of grains that he got from 6,000 square meters using this variety, his highest yields from other hybrids ranged only from 38 to 44 cavans.

Edwin said he got fascinated with Bioseed 9909 last year when he saw the crop of Anselmo. Initially, he tried it in 6,000 sq. m. and practically made a whirlwind from it.

At a selling price of P11.70 a kilo which eventually went down to P11.60, his harvest of 5,026 kilos fetched for him more than P59,0000. He estimated that he must have spent about 1130,000 and, hence, his net income was over P20,000:

Actually, even before he harvested his initial Bioseed 9909 crop he already decided to plant it also in 1.5 hectares. The plants were at the soft dough stage when we visited him in late March.

Edwin has nothing but ‘good words about Bioseed 9909 even as he has been planting Bioseed 9698 and Bioseed 9000 in the past. He said Bioseed 9698 has the best grain color deep orange flint. The ears of Bioseed 9000, on the other hand, are long with large grains.

He likes Bioseed 9909 for its slender ears that are loaded with heavy grains. He said that the husks of ears are not ,thick and, hence, the ears are easy to dehusk.

In Sto. Domingo, Tayug, the Bioseed 9909 crop of Allan Salon, 35, was not as good as those of Anselmo, Eddie and Edwin, but he still harvested 2,048 kilograms from 3,000 sq. m. or an equivalent of 6,826 kilograms per hectare.

Allan said his Bioseed 9909 harvest was a lot better than what the 1,728 kilograms that he got from another variety list year from the same area. That is why he has decided to plant Bioseed 9909 again in November.

By Dr. Sosimo Ma. Pablico