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New Investment Opportunities

If you have some money to invest this new year, better get hold of the latest two publications from the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARD).

One is “Invest in Malapapaya Production” while the other one is “Invest in Slaughter Native Chicken Production.”

The Malapapaya is a fast-growing tree that can be a very good investment. The wood is made into food trays, popsicle sticks, chopsticks, ice cream spoons and the like. These articles are not only in demand in the local market but also abroad. Those interested should get in touch with the experts from PCARRD.

Native chicken can also be a very good investment. The demand is fast increasing and the chicken can be fed with naturally occurring feeds as well as farm wastes. Of course, they could also be fed with formulated feeds.

One fellow who is hot in expanding his native chicken project is Constancio Sia, an educator based in Metro Manila but who has a farm in Valencia, Oriental Negros where he already has a flock of about a thousand birds. He wants to have at least 1,000 layers so that he could supply the native chicken requirements of a new branch of a well known Manila supermarket chain being constructed in Dumaguete City.

Of course, if you want to raise a fsster-growing breed that is claimed to taste like the native chicken, you might opt to raise Sunshine free-range chickens distributed by Solraya Enterprises. It has become popular nationwide.

Meanwhile, also attend the Agri-Kapihan this Sunday, December 13 where you might be able to get some ideas on projects in agriculture that you might want to undertake. This will be held at the courtyard of radio station DWWW located at No. 23 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd., Quezon City. The Agri-Kapihan is a project of the radio program Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura anchored by Antonio S. Rola, Nina Manzanares-Agu and yours truly. This Sunday’s session will also be the Christmas party and attendees are requested to bring food for sharing, potluck style. It is open to every farming enthusiast.

By Zac B. Sarian