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A Brush, Grass and Rice Cutter Rolled Into One

This unique and “friendly” machine has been proven to ease out farm operations and for first time, it’s now available in the Philippines.

Time and again, the state of our country’s farm mechanization has been the subject of many talks and debates in various agricultural symposia and/or training seminars. While we all agree that our agricultural engineers should be supported by both the government and private sector, we also allude to the fact that in order for the farm machinery industry to grow, we have to keep ourselves abreast with the latest technologies from advanced countries. Our recent trip to Southern China made us open our mind to a wide array of agri machines that really help the Chinese farmers save on labor cost, increase productivity and ease out the difficulty of back-breaking farming toil.

One particular machine caught our attention-the brush and grass cutter that is also convertible into a rice cutter. This three-in-one farm machine, we were told is primarily a grass cutter with a long shaft and could easily be carried by the farmer anywhere. At only 7.5 kilos, it is considered handy because of its light weight. This, however, is inversely proportional to its heavy duty features. For one, the machine’s blade cutter is changeable with a nylon/string for cutting the softer or finer types of grass. It could be adjusted if the farmer intends to cut the wilder, thicker grasses like our native talahib.

This machine runs on gasoline with a two-stroke engine (the fuel used is gasoline with 2-T oil) with the    horsepower averaging between 1.4 and 2.0. As was demonstrated to us, the “magic” happens when the farmer changes the machine’s blade and puts on the attachment which now allows the farmer to cut and carry the rice stalks and piles them in one side.

Of course it goes without saying that compared to the old method of harvesting which most of our farmers still practice-the manual way of cutting rice stalks or grass on bended knees with a sickle or sharp bolos, this three-in-one “friendly” machine is thrice or four times more convenient to use. In fact, we were told, one can harvest one-hectare of palny in less than eight hours depending on the speed of the farmers.

With a higher horsepower engine and the appropriate blade, we were also informed that this versatile machine can even cut small trees!

What is instructive in observing machines of this design is that with their capacity to do several things using only one engine, farmers can save labor, time and money. This might cost more than your average grass or rice cutters which are available in the market but in the end, you will actually be saving more. Talk about cost efficiency!

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By Ronald G. Mangubat